6 Questions to ask before undergoing thyroid surgery

Your doctor may recommend surgery to remove part or all of your thyroid gland if it’s overactive, has grown very big, or contains nodules, cysts or other growths which are or may be cancerous. Listed below are essential questions to ask before you program thyroid operation.

How much of the Thyroid will be removed?

Thyroid surgery depends upon the various factors. Whether it is hyperthyroid or hypothyroid; if the entire gland is enlarged and causing symptoms like a feeling of anxiety or difficulty talking, breathing or swallowing then thyroid as the whole can be removed.  If just half of your thyroid is enlarged and causing symptoms, however, the other half is healthy, then half can be removed.

For the most typical sort of thyroid gland, which usually is low-risk, your doctor might recommend removing half or all of your thyroid, depending on the circumstances. If the patient has got intermediate or high-risk cancer meaning it has spread outside the thyroid- total thyroidectomy is recommended.


Which kind of Thyroid Surgery is suitable for me?

Thyroid surgery is suitable for you or not depends on the size of the thyroid and the problems you are facing due to this issue. If you feel any of the symptoms (listed above), please contact an ENT Surgeon. Thyroid operation can be done through an incision in the front part of the neck. The size of the incision depends on factors like size of the thyroid is and if the surgeon needs to remove lymph nodes.

If the size of the thyroid isn’t massive, and no lymph nodes are involved, you could be a candidate for minimally invasive surgery.  In this operation, a tiny incision, which minimizes the scar, is done to access the thyroid gland.


What are the risks of Thyroid Surgery?

All surgery has complications like bleeding and infection. Thyroid surgery may also involve risks of damage to vocal cord nerves which may result in the change of the voice. Also, it may also result in the difference in the body’s calcium levels if the parathyroid gland gets damaged.


Will I have any scar?

In the case of minimally invasive surgery, you will have a scar on your neck. Your surgeon may be able to make the small incision which gets heal with time.

Scarring depends on both surgical technique and your unique healing. Some methods can make a scar less visible. Ask your surgeon what procedure he will use to close the incision. Also, the length of the scar will depend on the size of the incision.


What is the duration of the stay after the surgery in the hospital?

Depending on the condition of the patient, an overnight or two-night hospital stay is required. The doctor will examine the patient before discharge.


How your centre or hospital is different from the other centres?

Choosing the right surgeon for the thyroid surgery is essential. At Gurgaon ENT Clinic we have the team of expert doctors headed by DR. Ravinder Gera, HOD & Senior Consultant, ENT Surgeon at Max Healthcare, Gurgaon. Dr. Ravinder Gera has expertise in this field and is doing surgeries from last 17 years. The cost of the thyroid surgery at Gurgaon ENT Clinic is also pocket-friendly, and we have empanelment with all the major

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