Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery



Sinus Surgery

Sinus Surgery or FESS 

What is  the meaning of Sinus Surgery or FESS?

Sinus Surgery is also known as Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Sinuses are air cavities present in between face bones. These cavities open in nose via small holes, these holes are called ostia. Cavities wall are lined with mucus. This mucus is drained out by ostia. Fess is surgery to unblock the sinuses openings.

Who all needs FESS?

People with sinus infection undergoes this sinus surgery. Yellow green matter will be filled in sinuses, sinus inflammation and will cause pressure which will further lead to pain in some parts of face.

How much time it will take to operate during Sinus Surgery?

The time of surgery for FESS is less than an hour.

What are the Preoperative measures for Sinus Surgery?

Surgeon determines whether surgery is required or not depending upon the infection, otherwise medication is prescribed to the patient. Patient is asked to not to have any other medicines, like blood thinners one week prior to the surgery

How the procedure of Sinus Surgery is performed?

FESS can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Surgeons with help of endoscopic cameras, enlarge the view inside the nose, to get the clarity. Surgeons determine infected, swollen sinuses. To boost drainage from sinuses, ostia (holes to nose) are enlarged. This reduces the chances of recurrence and clear the inflammation. Fess relieves the pain and heals the sinuses and openings.

What is the surgery cost of Sinus Surgery?

Sinus Surgery starts from 45,000 INR , it depends upon the patient medical condition and type of room category selected.

What are the post procedure and touch ups after Sinus Surgery?

Patient is recommended saline nasal spray and antibiotics. Patient can feel nausea, upset stomach. But all ends in few hours after surgery. Blowing nose, forcibly breathing should be avoided. Dry throat, blood stains from nose. While sneezing, patients are recommended to keep mouth open. Patient nose will be packed for couple of days, and breathing via mouth should be done.  Patient is called for follow ups after 1 week of the surgery.

How much time it will take for the recovery after Sinus Surgery?

Recovery depends on patient’s overall health. But it’s been asked to not to go near dust and pollute place for 2-3 weeks after surgery. After 2 weeks, a patient is asked to slowly get back to his/her routine.

What are the risks and limitations of Sinus Surgery?

Risk like bleeding, blood clot. At times patient feels dry throat or heaviness in voice. Infection and recurrence chances if not taken care properly. Blindness (which is very rare), CSF leak are few of the risks, which surgeons discuss prior to the surgery.

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