Q- What is Tympanoplasty or ear drum repair surgery?

Tympanum means ear drum. Tympanoplasty is a surgery to reconstruct damaged, diseased, perforated ear drum or bones surrounding it. There are majorly three tiny bones also known as ossicles. This surgery not only heal eardrum but also aims to improve hearing ability of the person.

Q- Who all needs Tympanoplasty?

People with defect in ear drum like diseased surrounding cells, perforated ear drum which may be or may be not is result of injury or infection or with age also hearing abilities are impaired.

Q- What are the Preoperative measures?

Tympanoplasty is of five types basically, depending on symptoms and damage surgeon takes the call.  Indications and outcomes vary in all the cases, depends on perforation size, likewise at times small perforations heal by themselves and at times cause of lack of blood healing doesn’t happen and leaves large perforation. In addition, location of perforation, surgical techniques opted and majorly health of the ear also alter the outcomes.

Q- What is the procedure of Ear Drum Surgery?

After examining the middle ear, surgeon choose technique for the surgery considering certain factors like size, location of perforation, which area is infected, cyst growth, infection in ear and surgeon’s preference. Grafting and various material if required is also used.

In tympanoplasty where there is perforation of ear drum is involved, surgeon gives incision depending on the location of the hole under operating microscope to enlarge the view. If hole is large and is far forward, incision is given behind the ear. Access to the perforation is obtained by elevating the outer ear forward. Surgeon examine the bones and tissue inside the ear, infected tissues are removed with hep of medical tools. A graft is made to enclose the hole in ear drum with the help of tissues from the back of the ear.  With the help of gelatin sponge placed under the ear drum, graft is supported. Stitches are normally under the skin and a sterile patch is placed on the patient’s ear.

Q- What is the post procedure impact of Tympanoplasty?

Dizziness and imbalance is observed in few cases, which disappears after 2 weeks. Antibiotics are given to the patient, to prevent any kind of infection in the ear. After a week, packing is removed to check if grafting is proper. After the period of three-four weeks, grafting is analysed whether its successfully done or not by removing all the packing under operating microscope. Hearing test is don after five to six weeks. Patient is asked to not to blow nose and to keep ear away from water. Any infection in ear can delay the time of healing of graft.

Q- What may the surgical complications?

Recurrence of perforation, cyst n growth (cholesteatoma), no improvement in hearing quality, hearing loss which is very rare, noises in the ear like echoing. Infection in graft, not placed properly in specific place, middle ear is not cleaned thoroughly and left with diseased cells are some complications which can be altered with proper surgical plans.

Q- What is the cost of surgery of Tympanoplasty or Ear Drum Surgery?

The surgery cost of Tympanoplasty or ear drum surgery starts from  40,000 INR, depends upon the room category selected and patient history. Contact us for getting second opinion.

Q- What is an alternative of Tympanoplasty?

Myringoplasty is another way for reconstruction of the ear drum, provided there is no infection in the ear.

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